IELTS Tutor’s Training Academy

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You are required to pay INR 7499 through the given payment link after registering on our website. This amount will be refunded along with your 4th-month salary. We expect each candidate to work with us for a minimum period of 6 months.


After getting placed you have to work for 22 days a month. Each tutor should engage in at least 100 working hours per month.


Candidates with a score of 7 in each module will receive a monthly consolidated salary of INR 15,000, to begin with. The more you score higher will be your pay.


On Day 22 (the last day of your training programme) you will have to attend an interview + feedback session. If we think that you are capable of scoring 7 in each module, you will be directly placed as a trainee with us even before you attend the IELTS exam.
As a trainee, you will be required to give a briefing about the IELTS training programme to fresher candidates.
On scoring the required band score in your IELTS exam, you will be promoted to the post of IELTS Tutor.
After completion of your 3 months probation, you will be permanently placed with us as a Certified IELTS Mentor.

Get trained for a month, Set a career for lifetime!

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The training program starts on the 1st of November 2018, Thursday. The class timings will be flexible from 9 AM – 9 PM Monday to Friday. Every candidate must attend 22 classes. After completing the course you have to write the IELTS exam. Candidates scoring a minimum of 7 in each module will be placed immediately as IELTS Tutor. In the time gap between course completion date and IELTS exam, potential candidates will be invited to work as IELTS Tutor Trainees as we have a huge number of trained staffs requirement.

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