Immediate Departure for Nurses with UK Decision Letter

Nursing jobs in the UK has declined or slow down for the past few months as it was the closing of the financial year. Within this limit, we are here with the decent offers for the nurses with NMC Decision Letter.

Direct Skype Interview On 3rd June 2019

  • Salary prior to pin £21,089, salary after pin £24,214
  • Refund of IELTS/OET and CBT
  • Refund of NMC Registration & application fee
  • Refund of Visa and IHS
  • Free Flight to the UK
  • 3 months of free accommodation for the cost of £30 a month and an additional 3 months for the cost of £280 a month
  • Free 1 OSCE take

Attend your interview from home. APPLY NOW!!

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