CR Entertainments

CR Entertainment was launched in 2018 with a fresh whiff of creativity to the entertainment industry. The founder and CEO Mr.Cyril Roy a conglomerate is currently owing successful enterprises in the education and employment realm. All along he had a yearning to establish showbiz.

At CR Entertainment, we are keen on nurturing fresh ideas and produce contents that will touch peoples lives, apart from entertaining them. We do everything which is driven by uniqueness and are guided by the philosophy to not be afraid to take risks. The entertainment industry continues to expand as the world becomes more connected and consumers’ options expand.


The definition of entertaining is “providing amusement or enjoyment”, While the topics are not limited to music, movies, and events, this space is open to any type of entertainment including plays, musical theater, amusement parks, live concerts in addition to music, videos and other events. In reality, any entertainment topic is valid here. Our work will make an individual to collect experience and an opportunity to feel an emotion or emotions. Our entertainment comprises of special projects and the development of innovative content across platforms which will create everlasting moments that will leave an impact on viewers soul.
We believe in team spirit and our dedicated team, working under the aegis of CR Entertainment, is committed to delivering quality content and we have, so far, proved that when some of the best minds in the industry come together, nothing is impossible. We have carved a niche for ourselves as entertainment house with a unique vision, where there’s no end to creativity and ambition, and we are here to make every work count because we believe in the power of online entertainment and its ability to change people’s lives.

Our Works

On May 12th, the world celebrates one of the most trusted and honored professions by observing International Nurses Day as a commemoration to Florence Nightingale’s birth anniversary. So we celebrated this day with the nurses of HDP Hospital, Kaipuzha, Kerala.  Nursing is the profession where you see people in white or in scrubs smiling seemingly like angels, rendering care to their clients; little do people know that these very people have sacrificed so much of themselves just to serve humanity and preserve life. Nurses are the heartbeat of healthcare. So, the next time you see a nurse, please say thank you. It means so much to them.

Nurses Day

A well delivered galvanized and motivated speech by our founder and CEO Mr.Cyril Roy about employment and education. As the population of literate people is growing day by day, but unable to accommodate them at the workplaces. Already our educated youth is discontented with the incompetent wages given to them and the threat of unemployment leaves them even more frustrated. It is quite unfortunate that they are made to meander through the dark roads. Since they don’t possess any practical experience or technical expertise, they only end up looking for jobs which are out of their interest. A message which deserves to be advertised and spread to this world.

All people who make a great effort on a daily basis, whether they have an easy or a difficult job, deserve to be greeted. At CRCS we celebrated 1st May with the theme “Be employed, Be proud”.Work is an activity that elevates us as human beings and this must be kept in mind every day. If you have the joy of working, feel very lucky and do your best every day. Create opportunities, don’t wait for them.

Gearing up for the most awaited event of the year, CR consultancy services one-year anniversary celebration. Each and every person contributed their time, talent and energy for this big day.

Rehearsals begin for the first anniversary of CR consultancy services. Hard work of a team to make that evening memorable and indelible.
It is about a man who took great risks and achieved great rewards. Whether you’re wanting to start your own business or hoping to switch industries entirely, Just do it! .Founder and CEO Mr.Cyril Roy who took big career risks and never looked back.
As the sun dips down and the dusk fades to darkness there’s nothing sweeter than wheeling your bike out of the garage for a late summer night ride, it’s just bliss! added With your friends, you can’t ask for more.