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Planning ahead is a pivotal step in attempting to crack any exam, let alone CBT. But for those of you, who are contemplating on how long and tedious the task might be, look no further. Mentor Merlin presents to you a study road map which will guide you in your CBT preparation over the duration of just 10 days. Stick to the plan and give in your 100%, rest assured that you are on the way to success.

 STEP 1

DAY 1: Attempt Mentor Merlin’s NMC Part 1 CBT Mock Test which comprises of 120 questions to be done in 240 minutes. The test consists of the most frequently asked questions and is free for all candidates registered with Mentor Merlin. Note down your score, this will act as a self analysis for your path ahead. Set this as the benchmark upon which you have to improve over the course of study.

 STEP 2

DAY 2 & DAY 3: Do a brief reading of Mentor Merlin’s CBT Preparation materials which is essentially all the reference you need to crack CBT irrespective of your time schedule for preparation. Remember, DO NOT dig too deep into the notes as it will prove futile. Go through the materials for about 3 hours per day, until you get an overview of the CBT syllabus.

“We recommend that you skip reading ‘The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures’ at this stage.”

 STEP 3

DAY 4 & DAY 5: Prepare on an average of 3 hours a day by logging into our Course Room Part-1. Even here, the idea is to intently go through the resources rather than poring over the pages for long hours.


DAY 6: Invest about 4 hours in studying the Important Points section of Course Room Part-1. Since this material has been designed by referring to all relevant and frequently asked topics, it will be very useful in providing a concise view of all major areas to be covered.

 STEP 5

DAY 7 & DAY 8: Login to our Course Room Part-2 which is the most crucial tool in your preparation for CBT. We have an array of over 750 previously asked questions with their correct answers and detailed explanations. At the end of each answer you will also find a footnote specifying the references related to the answer. This will allow you to effectively go through the references, including the Royal Marsden textbook, without having reading the entire thing at large. Go through the questions for approximately 3 hours daily.

 STEP 6

DAY 9: Now that you feel confident in your preparation, it is time to give yourself a last trial run. Re-attempt Mentor Merlin’s NMC Part 1 CBT Mock Test. We highly recommend going through this process, to assess your level of preparation and get a feel of the real exam. Analyse your strong points and enhance them, but it is even more important to focus on where you went wrong, whether it is a lack of preparation in any topic or problems with time management. This is the last chance to work on your mistakes and chalk out a way to overcome them.

 STEP 7

DAY 10: This is the final day of our roadmap, wherein you are advised to devote atleast 4 hours for revision. Revision is a key to remembering all that you have studied. Based on your analysis of the mock test score, you should give extra attention to the portions where you lack in preparation.

Long story short, it is pretty clear that if you spend 3-4 hours each day for your CBT preparation, by following our study guidelines and implementing it, you do not need months of rigorous practice. By following our study guidelines, you will definitely crack CBT in just 10 days.


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